Prevention is Better Than Cure

Hey everybody Welcome to Sassy Tea! Here you will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure. I love this slogan because why walk into health problems later down the road when you can simply avoid them? This is for anybody who wants to learn how to get in shape/stay in shape. I’m a firm believer in everybody needs a friend . Whether its advice on dieting , or daily life problems don’t hesitate to send me an email.

About me

When my siblings and I were younger we were forcefully taken away from our parents. An altercation happened between my parents and ironically my grandma happened to be in town. From that night forward we became they’re responsibility. We’ve had more social workers than I can count on my hands , court hearings , and visits / home assessments from Dcf . Dcf is Department of Children and Families. I’ve lived in Orlando , Miami , North Carolina , Kissimmee , and Jersey. Through all the things I have seen and dealt with, it made me into the woman I am today.

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