Government Shutdown

This isn’t the first Government shutdown that has happen , but it has been the longest we’ve ever had. Trump is standing his ground on wanting the funds for the wall. So far it hasn’t happen therefore his mind is made on not signing the appropriation that will allow the Government to restart. His stubbornness is affecting the life of many Americans. Just to name a few the US Army , FBI , TSA ( the people who search the bags at the airport ) , traffic controllers , the list ranges on. Not to mention they are forced to show up to work without pay. A lot of people are using up they’re sick days or simply quitting and finding other jobs. Now the senate is able to run votes to veto the presidents request but the discussion somehow hasn’t came up. It’s also been shown on the news that the government workers who accept donations could run into fines or jail time. It’s just not adding up. My conclusion is this could lead to the Great Depression if this shutdown is prolonged. I say this because families won’t be able to pay bills leading to them getting evicted and living on the streets. Schools will be shutting down due to lack of funds for education and food. People wont have money for childcare services. Diseases will spread. Food stamps will eventually stop. That’s not even all of it. Its not looking good. I believe everybody who works deserves the right to pay. But Trump isn’t thinking for the people. I want to hear your thoughts leave a comment.

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