Growing together

I’ve had my fair shares of bad picks in men , don’t think your alone on that one . I always learned to never judge a book by its cover so I gave many people the benefit of the doubt . I messed up . I started putting others before myself . I’ll admit I didn’t see the problem until after . Love is blind . Love is a dangerous game . It’s a gamble . You might hit the jackpot or lose it all . Whether you’ve been heartbroken once or a few times it creates trust issues . So every relationship after you unfortunately bring unnecessary baggage all because of someone who didn’t know your worth . Someone who didn’t know how to love you . Someone who couldn’t be faithful to you and only you . They wont know what they have until its gone . It’s easy to give up and just say I will never find love or love isn’t for me . I was that girl after all . But I’m telling you now don’t think like that . Change your mindset . From a person who is now in a stable relationship I can personally tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel . When I met my boyfriend I realized there’s still good guys out there . When your in the right relationship key word right everything falls into place . You start to learn about yourself . You will smile a lot more . You will have good conversation . You will both learn how to communicate with one another . You guys will make time for each other . You will simply just feed off each other , it should be nothing but positive vibes . Don’t get me wrong were not perfect we do argue but it doesn’t make our whole relationship . It will be the best thing that has ever happened to you . I don’t know when it will happen for you guys but I did learn let love come to you . Don’t look for it . Also remember not every body that comes in your path is for you . Be careful . When you know you’ll know . It should always be 50/50 . So ladies don’t give up . Men you as well don’t give up and don’t let a heartbreak make you . Leave a comment . Until next time !

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