Should I stay in my Relationship?

This is for anybody who simply needs help with deciding if they should stay in their current relationship or move on. I want you to grab a piece of paper and something to write with . Now I want you to write all the bad things that has happen in your relationship. Next write all the good things that has happened. Now I want you to look the list over . Does the bad out way the good ? If this happens to be the case you should move on. If the good out ways the bad your relationship isn’t in the worst shape. But I will tell you don’t ever stay in a relationship because your scared of starting over , because you’re used to them being in your life, and never allow them to manipulate you into believing they love you. If you ever questioned do they love me , there simply not doing enough. If your partner truly valued and loved you they would never let you forget it. You also have to consider depending on your age do I want my child raised in a dysfunctional home? Let’s say you don’t have a kid , having one with the wrong person will do the exact thing. I also seen many women have babies because they feel it will make the relationship better. I’m here to tell you it will do the complete opposite. Your kid will be raised in a unhealthy household and matters will only get worse. Don’t neglect your own mental health for the sake of your partner. That will only cause more harm. We only live one life don’t waste it on somebody who isn’t worth it.

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