How to pay off Credit Card Debt

My boyfriend has four credit cards. Every month he paid them on time. His credit score was 720. The reason his debt occured is because he grew styes on both eyes. The doctor requested immediate surgery. The surgery was expensive but my boyfriend had no other choice. He had to pay for it. The surgery kept him out of work for a whole month. In order to make sure all of his bills/daily needs were taken care of he had to use his cards. Before he realized it he was drowning in debt. One day we were talking and my dad has happened to come outside. My boyfriend explained the situation, and my dad recommended he filed for a loan. The reason my dad told him to go through with this desicion is to allow him to have one payment vs four. Many of you can probably relate even when your paying off debt little by little , your points still will drop. If you dont know why this occurs its because the usage was to high. So at this point my boyfriend went through with the loan. As of today my boyfriends credit cards are paid off. I also want the people who are thinking to get a credit card be careful. Dont get a credit card if you dont have/ can keep a steady job. Also ONLY use your credit cards for purchases you can pay off. Dont go crazy and end up in debt. If you happen to also take my dads advice leave a comment tell me how it went for you !

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