Items To Avoid For Weight Loss Journey Pt.2

  • Diet Soda – Still has no place in your healthy diet. Still holds zero nutritional value. The fake stuff messes with our body’s ability to acknowledge the connection between sweetness and calories and can lead to stronger cravings later, and as a result—greater food intake
  • Microwaved popcorn – Popcorn is only a healthy snack when air popped or cooked on a stove with small amounts of oil. Microwave popcorn is often high in sodium, fat, and the bags are lined with chemicals that can have a negative effect on health.
  • Coleslaw- With the mayonnaise it traditionally made with , a small serving can pack 250 calories and high amounts of fats.
  • Energy bars – Many are loaded with sugar, and surprising number contain more than 200 or 300 calories – some up to 500 !
  • Breaded chicken cutlets – The bread crumbs , butter , and oil kick up the calories and fat content , which may lead up to weight gain and also contribute to high cholesterol.
  • Fruity fat-free dressing – High in sugar .
  • Deli meats – High in fat and calories , skip the deli counter for fish or meat .
  • Sweetened ice tea – Packed with sugar and contains empty calories like soda.
  • Margarine – Often advertised as better for you alternative butter . Its actually loaded with trans fat and lacking in nutrition.
  • Caesar salad – Salad can turn from a healthy diet to a horrible diet disaster. Creamy dressing , croutons , and cheese make the dish high in calories and fat.

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